Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sprint Triathlon coming up next

So I've been browsing some triathlons and found one that may work for me! There is a sprint triathlon which is on Saturday, October 15th, 2011. It's a great location and lands on a Saturday which my #1 rule to this hobby of mine is not to race on a Sunday. I have exactly 4 months til race day and I'll be focusing on training with swimming and biking since I'm not confident in those areas. The only supplies I need to add onto my "equipment" are a helmet and swim cap.

One thing that makes me nervous are the transitions because I have a hard time picturing what to do and how to have everything set up, and actually finding my stuff in the transition area. But, it's good to start somewhere and experience it so I can build from here.

I have taken a few months off from running due to an ankle strain and just started back up again and love that the pain is completely gone. The only down fall to me not training is that I gained 10 lbs! So along with training for the Sprint Triathlon, I hope to lose up to 15 lbs so I'll be a little lighter on race day!