Monday, December 20, 2010


I had taken a Yoga class and the instructor said something that really made an impact on me that I say to myself in physical and spiritual moments. We were doing a pose, and I had looked up and noticed some other women that were incredibly flexible, and I started to feel down about myself and my own flexibility and it was like the instructor was reading my thoughts and said something like, "Focus on your body and what it can do. Enjoy improving yourself and do YOUR personal best. Don't compare yourself with others in the room, but think about building on what you have." So now when I work out I have changed the mind frame of improving on my self day by day, and just be better than I was yesterday and build on that. Every body is different and don't wish you had someone else's talent, just better the talent you do have.

So when I run my races or I'm working out, I'm not going to focus on winning the race, but to focus on beating my time that I have set as a goal, or improving each time. I'm thankful for the health of my body and being able to do what I enjoy. I love to challenge my body and to see each mile get easier and know that I could train my mind and body to do this.

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