Sunday, January 30, 2011

My First 1/2 Marathon!

**My friend Cami took this picture, and I took it off her blog :)

Well, one goal down... 2 more to go.

Yesterday I ran my first 1/2 marathon and loved it! I was surprised that I wasn't as nervous as my previous race and I just wanted to run. I had a friend staying with us from out of town, and she is a full marathoner and she was great to have there with me. She wasn't signed up for the race so she jogged along side me for about 2-3 miles and then tapered off. I felt great running and had a good pace going. I was getting a little nervous because I was passing people and I was second guessing myself if I was running to fast, but with all my practice I knew I was where I should be and just let go of my insecurity and kept running.

Our course that we had was go out and come back so I met back with my friend about mile 10 which is where I felt like I was hitting a wall but I felt like her pace was helping me stick with it and just pushed myself through. The last mile seemed like it took forever and when we could see the 13th mile marker coming up my friend said some encouraging words to go for it and I took off. It was hard because the last quarter mile was uphill and right when you got to the hill/marker I almost thought I was done but no... .1 more mile, I got my pace back up and saw a guy up ahead and told myself to "finish hard" and I ended up passing him right before the finish line. They unfortunately don't give enough room for the ones that sprint because I had to stop right away and knocked into someone because they stop you to take off your timing chip. So that was a little weird to me that they didn't space it out a little more. I walked straight to the port-o-potty to pee because I didn't have a chance to do it before the race. (Only 3 available before the starting line???) So I got my cool T-Shirt, chowed down on fruit, bagels with peanut butter (Yum!) and cookies.

So here are my stats from this race.

I finished my 1/2 marathon (13.1 miles) in 1 hour and 57 minutes.

Overall females: 32nd/124

Overal female age group: 6th/27

So here is what I learned from my first marathon...


  • I loved the view of the mountains and the desert

  • Great food at the end

  • Gatorade at the water stops

  • Awesome T-Shirt which was made out of the fabric that is light and will stay dry.


  • Only 3 port-o-potties available before the race.

  • The race started at 7am so it was dark when you had to pick up your number and get your chip so I thought it was weird not to have lights up. (Especially if you were lucky enough to get into a port-o-potty.

  • They had 3 different places to go to and they put them all close together so all the lines were meshed together and just seemed chaotic. 1st table, pick up your bib, 2nd table:pick up chips (line was running perpendicular into the lines to pick up bibs) 3rd: pick up shirt (which should be done I think after the race because there is no where to put it?

  • The course. We ran on the shoulder of the road which was narrow (smaller than a car lane) and the course was out and back so if I was to ever do a full marathon, this would NOT be the course. I think it could bother me mentally seeing all the people already heading back (and yes you stick in the same lane coming back to the finish line) So I think my next race I would look for one that you don't just have to turn around and run back the same way I came.

  • Didn't like the finish line ( having to go up hill) and that they didn't give you enough time to stop running and get into a walk before stopping us to retrieve the chips.

  • You couldn't tell who were volunteers so if you had a question you had to ask around.

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